Range Bucket

This range gear was originally designed for use in Aerial precision live-fire exercises from helicopters. It has since been adapted for use in various range environments. It is the range bag that can do it all, collect brass, hold your mags empty or full, store tools and carry tactical gear that you need for the range.

It features a high quality waterproof, laminated cotton exterior with a large side pocket to hold your eye and ear pro. The elastic outer band holds five 30-round AR mags and 3 pistol mags. It’s made with a soft (4-stretch nylon) top for easy access to drop empty mags inside and at the same time prevent it from spilling out. Also features coated webbing daisy chain around the base for multiple lashing points to secure your DRC Range Bucket anywhere. Topped off with a padded static line rope handle, you really can’t go wrong with this quality crafted product.

Product Features:

  • 11in. (diameter) x 14 in. (h)
  • 3 Color Options- Super Green, Basic Black, Above Average Grey
  • Custom DRC Premium Jacquard Woven Nylon Webbing
  • 5 Outer Elastic AR Mag Slots
  • 3 Outer Elastic Pistol Mag Slots
  • Surrounding Daisy Chain Base for Easy Lashing
  • Padded Static Line Rope Handle
  • Outer Stretch Pocket
  • Easy Access Soft Top
  • No Bucket Needed! Stands Alone.



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Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 14 in

Above Average Grey, Basic Black, Super Green

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