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This bad boy was originally designed for use in Aerial precision live-fire exercises from helicopters. It has since been adapted for use in every environment and features a waterproof, laminated cotton exterior with a large side pocket to hold your eye and ear pro. The elastic outer band holds five 30-round AR mags and 3 pistol mags. It’s made with a soft (4-stretch nylon) top for easy access to drop empty mags inside and at the same time prevent it from spilling out. Also features coated webbing daisy chain around the base for multiple lashing points to secure your DRC Range Bucket anywhere. Topped off with a padded static line rope handle, you really can’t go wrong with this quality crafted product.

Product Features:

  • 11in. (diameter) x 14 in. (h)
  • 3 Color Options- Super Green, Basic Black, Above Average Grey
  • Custom DRC Premium Jacquard Woven Nylon Webbing
  • 5 Outer Elastic AR Mag Slots
  • 3 Outer Elastic Pistol Mag Slots
  • Surrounding Daisy Chain Base for Easy Lashing
  • Padded Static Line Rope Handle
  • Outer Stretch Pocket
  • Easy Access Soft Top
  • No Bucket Needed! Stands Alone.


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Background Info

Range Bucket | Background Story

Back in the day my best friend John and I taught an aerial rifle course at Dillon Aero, Inc. We taught the class how to consistently hit a steel silhouette sized target from an aircraft flying at 60 knots from up to 200 meters away, using only a rifle and two or three shots per pass. Our customers were mostly Para-rescue Jumpers (PJs) but other units came from various specialized commands that actually had a need for such a skill set.

Over the years, we spent many hours in back of helos teaching and shooting. One of the lessons we emphasized was kit organization. The back of a helicopter is a cramped environment. After many different bags, buckets, and storage containers we came up with the DRC Range Bucket.

The Range Bucket is certainly useful for shooting from helicopters, but where it really found a home is at the range. During the 120K rounds of testing we did for the On Patrol AR Trigger (OPAR) we came to realize that it is an extraordinary range bag.

The DRC Range Bucket features reinforced tie-down loops around its radius. This gives it a low center of gravity, making it unlikely to tip over. Spare magazines and accessories are stored on the outside and a large dump pouch for miscellaneous items on the inside. The top of the Bucket is covered by a soft ‘push through’ lid. This is designed to easily drop equipment in and at the same time prevent anything from spilling out.