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The TAC 501 is a purpose built long range weapon system. The TAC 501 is chambered in 50 BMG the largest round a civilian can own without a permit (in most states). It is built on the legendary McMillan TAC 50 legacy which has the record for the longest engagement by a Canadian special operations team.

The TAC 501 rifle system is a heavy 416 SS barrel with cut rifling, manually operated, detachable box magazine with five +1  shot capacity. The 27.5” barrel is a match grade stainless steel barrel with a 1 in 15 twist. The barreled action comes with a black Cerakote® finish or natural stainless finish using a clear coat and nickel finish. The rifle utilizes a Remington 700 style trigger set to 4.5 lbs. with a bottom safety.

It is fitted with a custom built Grayboe carbon fiber stock providing strength, and durability. It is equipped with a spacer system, Limbsaver recoil pad,  adjustable cheek rest, and rear rake side baffle muzzle brake to help manage recoil and provide shooter comfort. The rifle rests on a B&T heavy duty Atlas bipod.

The TAC 501 rifle is capable of shooting sub-MOA accuracy with a trained marksman and match grade ammunition.

Upgrades and accessories

TAC 501 Action

Traditional Stock

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