Welcome to the Dillon Rifle Company. You may not have heard of us before now. I would like to change that. While our better-known sister company, Dillon Aero, has been steadily developing a new .50 caliber Gatling gun, we have been toiling away in obscurity working on our own project, Dillon Rifle Company.

The goal of DRC is to create a whole new generation of semiautomatic rifles. We believe that the products that have been produced in our community have become a bit repetitive over the past few years. Nothing exceptionally new or dramatically different has been developed. We are going to try and change that. I will not go into any details right now. But I will say that we have been working on this project for a couple of years and I think we will have something out in the next year or so. We are pretty excited.

While Dillon Rifle Company benefits from the decades of experience of its older siblings, Dillon Aero and Dillon Precision, it is a new company staffed by a wonderful group of highly talented people. Over the past two years they have come together as a team and built this business. Anyone who has started a business or been in a startup can tell you it is not eatsy. Soon we plan on releasing an entirely new series of rifles and related products. That will be a big task.

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