OPAR Operator Trigger The First 50

Getting the first sample set of 50 fire-controls was a major milestone because at this point all of the components built were either 3D printed, manually milled, or was machined on a CNC using simple setups. The first 50 provide a platform to test our design in a more statistical approach. They enable us to […]

OPAR Operator Trigger Research & Design

We established a couple of requirements for the trigger to pass before it is considered ready for pre-production prototype build. The first was that it must pass 100,000 dry-firing cycles. To this end Casey built a really cool cycling test rig. Cycling at around 1 per second the trigger operated for a little over 27 […]

OPAR Operator Trigger Research & Design

From the outset, we wanted to create a trigger that provided improved the inherent safety for a standard issue trigger. From Brodie’s story, the problem that needed to be addressed is, “How do we reduce the chances of an accidental discharge?” We had several discussions around the topic. Some of which were more extensive, such […]

Brodie’s Story

Our first mechanical product is a trigger. It is a pretty cool trigger but really there are only so many ways you can make a trigger.  However, the inspiration behind the OPAR is meaningful.  It was born from experience hard won during trying times. Brodie’s Story | Where the Idea Came From My name is […]

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Dillon Rifle Company. You may not have heard of us before now. I would like to change that. While our better-known sister company, Dillon Aero, has been steadily developing a new .50 caliber Gatling gun, we have been toiling away in obscurity working on our own project, Dillon Rifle Company. The goal […]

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