The Jalapeño

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The Jalapeño (Suppressor Sleeve) – Super green on the outside, hot on the inside. (Unless you order a different color.)

You shoot a lot and your gun gets hot. Then, without thinking about it, you put your rifle into its case or some place else equally tender. We have mauled several rifle cases, burned a car seat, and have at least one scar from doing exactly this. This is why we created the jalapeño. Actually, we made the original The Jalapeño for the Minigun. With it, we could dump 3000 rounds in a minute or so, slip The Jalapeño over the barrel group, pull the gun off the mount and stow it right away.

If it works for the M134, it will work anything. Once inside the Jalapeño, your rifle can be safely stowed in its gun case. The Jalapeño has a large mouth that makes sliding a hot rifle in easy and is sized to handle standard length or shorter rifles with suppressors. The Dillon Rifle Company Jalapeño can handle temperatures beyond M134 hot and look good doing it too.


Product Features:

  • 23.5 in. (l)  x  8 in. (w)
  • 3 Color Options- Super Green, Basic Black, Above Average Grey
  • Felted Carbon Fabric capable of Resisting Super Hot Temps.
  • Custom DRC Premium Jacquard Woven Nylon Webbing
  • Made in the U. S. A.
  • Fidlock® slider-buckle.



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